Let me show you the state of “Nishiki’s delicious food and Kyoto Sake Festival 2016″ held on Nishiki Market on Saturday, March 5, 2016.In spite of early March, it was blessed to be at around 21°C, which felt like in spring.



It was a premium event sold out in about a week from the start of application.The customer arrived immediately at the reception at 15 o’clock and I really felt their enthusiasm.












Sake up of this time is vivid and cute Cobalt Blue!










On the back side, the “Nishiki-Sake” indentation is pressed! Those who say “I did not notice that though I participated!” Please check your sake cup!In addition, this year we have handed out  trays  for free at the reception desk, thus  participants were able to have fun without both hands being blocked by snacks and drinks at the event venue.Moreover, for the fact that 2016 is the 300th anniversary of Itou Jakuchu, related menu was also provided.










This jakuchu pickles sold by Masugo.


The Japanese sake festival in Nishiki Market has became an annual event.

Enjoy the delicious food and sake of Kyoto, while chatting with other participants. Why not join us and have a wonderful time?

Thanks a lot for everyone who joined us.

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